Professional Gun Stock Refinishing

Refinishing a gun stock requires proper care to ensure its longevity and quality. At The Finishing Studio, we apply our years of experience to every piece so that you can rest assured your equipment will last. We offer bulk finishing to satisfied customers around the country and make the process economical and efficient for the average gun owner. By taking the hassle out of refinishing, our trained professionals deliver superior customer service and reliable results.

Bulk projects entail finishing several gun stocks and purchasing supplies from companies that are focused on selling large quantities of wholesale wood finishing products. This offers numerous advantages over do-it-yourself projects by preventing the consumer from being stuck with excess, unused product. Avoid the frustration and stress that comes with finishing your gun stocks at home by letting The Finishing Studio's experts deliver quality services at an affordable price. Our specialized tools and experienced craftsmen will return your gun in top condition while its refinished exterior will earn you unrivaled respect.
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The Finishing Studio understands that gun owners appreciate choice and that's why we offer the opportunity to explore our Do-It-Yourself section and products from our store.  Customers will discover at-home safety tips and quality products through our comprehensive collection of information. Our online resource also allows you to estimate the cost of repairing the piece yourself along with product availability to ensure that your choice to use The Finishing Studio's services is always the right one.

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